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About Us

Missoula Maze isn’t your average corn maze – it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with laughter, adventure, and a deep commitment to the Missoula community. 

We’re a family-owned and operated business, passionate about creating unforgettable fall experiences for people of all ages. 

Nestled amidst the picturesque Montana landscape, our sprawling corn maze offers a thrilling challenge and a chance to bond with loved ones. 

But our commitment to the community extends far beyond the stalks, reaching out to local businesses, schools, and families.

A Legacy Rooted in Community:

The story of Missoula Maze is a testament to the enduring spirit of family and community.  Our founders, the Miller family, have been stewards of the land for generations, and Missoula Maze is a natural extension of their love for agriculture and fostering connections. 

They envisioned a place where families could create lasting memories, forge bonds of laughter, and celebrate the beauty of fall together.  Today, Missoula Maze continues to be a family affair, with each member dedicated to upholding the values of community, exploration, and of course, autumnal fun.

More Than Just a Maze: A Fall Harvest of Activities

Our meticulously designed corn maze is undoubtedly the centerpiece of Missoula Maze, offering a unique challenge for adventurers of all ages.  We take pride in crafting intricate pathways that test your navigation skills and provide hours of entertainment. 

Whether you’re a seasoned maze pro or a first-time explorer, we have a design that will keep you engaged and leave you with a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon reaching the exit. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Our festival atmosphere extends beyond the maze with a variety of activities that cater to the whole family:

  • Hayrides: Embrace the quintessential fall experience with a scenic hayride through our vibrant pumpkin patch. Soak in the crisp Montana air and the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as you take a leisurely ride through the heart of our autumn wonderland.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Find the perfect pumpkin for your fall festivities! Our pumpkin patch boasts a diverse selection of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, perfect for carving jack-o’-lanterns, decorating your porch, or whipping up delicious pumpkin treats.
  • Concessions: Fuel up on delicious seasonal treats and refreshing drinks at our concession stands. We offer a variety of options to satisfy every craving, from warm apple cider and donuts to hot dogs and refreshing lemonade.
  • Fall Festivals: Throughout the fall season, Missoula Maze comes alive with special events. Enjoy live music, participate in fun games and activities, and create lasting memories with loved ones under the crisp autumn sky.

Rooted in Community: Giving Back Where We Grow

Missoula Maze believes in being more than just a seasonal destination.  We’re deeply invested in the Missoula community and strive to make a positive impact.  We actively support local businesses and farmers.

Many of the delicious treats and seasonal goodies you’ll find at our concession stands are sourced directly from right here in Missoula.  This not only ensures fresh, high-quality ingredients but also helps support the local economy and hardworking farmers who nourish our community. 

Furthermore, Missoula Maze partners with local schools and organizations to host fundraising events, educational programs, and volunteer opportunities.  We believe in fostering a spirit of collaboration and giving back to the community that has embraced us.

A Blog Where Knowledge Sprouts:

At Missoula Maze, our commitment to exploration extends beyond the corn maze.  We’ve launched a blog filled with informative articles and helpful tips designed to empower homeowners. 

With a special focus on roofing techniques and maintenance, our blog offers valuable insights for both seasoned homeowners and those new to the world of DIY home improvement. 

Whether you’re tackling a minor repair or planning a larger roofing project, our blog equips you with the knowledge and resources you need to keep your home safe and secure.

Join the Missoula Maze Adventure

We invite you to visit Missoula Maze and experience the magic for yourself.  Get lost (and found) in our intricate corn maze, discover the joy of fall festivities with loved ones, and savor the warm spirit of community that thrives within our stalks. 

Explore a world of autumn fun, discover valuable knowledge on our blog, and become part of the Missoula Maze family.

Ready to plan your visit, learn more about our events, or have questions about our commitment to the community?  Head over to our Contact Us page!