Closed for the Season
New Maze Opens September 21, 2014!

For the 5th annual MissoulaMaze we've incorporated the most challenging aspects of previous mazes into one very baffling and bewildering Wild West  adventure. 
This is our best maze yet!

Travel back in time to the days of Buffalo Bill and Billy the Kid as you solve clues to help navigate the maze.  As always, we've packed in as many twists and turns as possible so that even a maze expert can't help but get lost.  Even if you answer every question correctly, with almost a mile of passageways, we guarantee you'll get lost!

Take the ultimate challenge - starting in October, come after dark for the NIGHT MAZE.  After dusk, we remove all clues and markers from the maze. Do you have what it takes?

Changing Maze - Just when you think you have it all figured out we'll reroute the course and change the clues!
Puzzle Maze - Designed to make you think, it's a puzzle within a maze! 

 Hay bales, straw bales and corn stalks - this maze is the only one of its kind in Montana!

Local hay and straw grown in the Bitterroot Valley

2013 and 2012

2011 and 2010

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Comments from maze goers:

Our kids love the maze, we went through twice this year and twice last year and had a blast every time.
We'll definately be back next year.

We had SO much fun today at the MissoulaMaze!
Thank you MissoulaMaze for creating such a wonderful place for our family to make memories!

-The Tritz Family

We had such a blast at the Maze! It was lots bigger and much more difficult this year.
Thanks for providing it, we look forward to next year.


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