Top Seven Healthy Indoor Plants

perennial flowering plants thrive in humidity and light (but not direct sunshine) in a bathroom, giving off oxygen every night.

Spider Plant

With its almost spherical leaves, this creeping succulent vine appears like a string of pearls and looks best in a tiny hanging basket or beautiful macrame plant hanger in a sunny environment.

String Of Pearls

Peace Lilies have some of the strangest blossoms. White bracts are like dazzling white protecting leaves, and tiny flowers sit inside the erect spadix.

Peace Lily

Add one to your bedroom or home office for maximum benefit. Break off a leaf and use the gel inside as a moisturizing mask, but wash it off after 10 minutes.

Aloe vera

A few rosemary plants on your windowsill may make your kitchen smell great. The aromatic bushy herb is hardy and has several health benefits, including decreasing head and stomachaches.


Although not house plants, these silvery green trees can be cultivated indoors in a bright, sunny window and a warm area.


English or Common Ivy is easy to grow indoors and has trailing leaves that look great on shelves. The light-loving plant prefers moist but not soggy soil and avoids darker rooms.

English Ivy

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