Top Evening Routines For Each Zodiac Sign

Yoga or stretching before bed is another good Aries bedtime practice. This helps them fall asleep.

Aries: Move Your Body

Aromatherapy helps this sign relax. Their bodies, minds, and spirits will relax with lavender and rose essences, resulting in many hours of sleep.

Taurus: Destress With Essential Oils

Exhausted Geminis can quickly get overstimulated, so turning off their phones till dawn helps them sleep. This also prevents nighttime screen viewing.

Gemini: Turn Off Social Media

The Moon rules Cancer, thus people with this sign are drawn to the night. Outside or through the window, watching the Moon may replenish them before bed.

Cancer: Moongaze

Hot herbal tea helps furious Lions go asleep. Mindfulness meditation at night will also help.

Leo: Sip On Some Calming Tea

Virgos who are organized find instant satisfaction in finishing their tasks and planning for tomorrow. Organizing before bedtime will also help kids relax.

Virgo: Make A To-Do List

Libras can relax with a nightly routine like mirror work. In front of the mirror, they might say kind things to feel heard.

Libra: Mirror Work

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