Tips For Bathroom Organization

Wooden Shower Stool

This wooden stool gives your bathroom a spa-like ambiance and keeps your best hand towels and creams close at hand.

Open Shelves

No linen closet? No issue. Put paper products, towels, etc. on a simple bathroom shelf. This will add personality and storage to your home instantly.


Find some Mason jars if you're short on storage. Display them on shelves to keep makeup brushes, cotton balls, toothbrushes, and more.

Makeup Organizer

Makeup lovers will adore this spacious acrylic organizer. It includes plenty of drawers and compartments for lipsticks and nail paint.

Large Vanity

Get a big bathroom vanity if you can. This huge cabinet is ideal for storing towels, cosmetics, and more.

Corner Shelves

These handy corner shelves maximize any plan. Use them for candles, plants, or extra toilet paper.

Traditional Wall Cabinet

This large wall cabinet is a bathroom classic and provides great hidden storage for whatever you want to hide. Consider cleaning or medication.

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