These Are the Most Haunted States in the U.S.

The eerie season is the perfect time to dive into ghost stories and legend. If you like scares, now is the time to visit California and Utah, the spookiest places in America. 

The national park's website,, compiled statistics on the scariest places in the country. To determine the spookiest state, it

ranked each state's most haunted locations, haunted houses, and Halloween retailers by their “Halloween spirit and place them on our Spookymeter.” 

The two western states were the spookiest after counting the figures.

They found that “When it comes to all things haunted, California has a good handle on it.” 

California had 172 Spirit Halloween businesses and Alcatraz, the most haunted, with 2,240,000 Google search results. It had second-most haunted dwellings. 

Union Station is haunted by paranormal activity, the research said. This Utah place has 1,044,000 Google search results on average regarding how

haunted and scary it is, as well as the stories of the mother and children who walk this ancient railroad station.” 

For a real scare, stay at The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, the “most haunted hotel” in America with “800,000 search results on how haunted and scary it is.” 

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