These 7 Foods Are Healthier Than Expected

Cocoa content reduces sugar and increases polyphenol antioxidants that lower blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate

A nutritious wholemeal loaf offers 2.8g fibre per slice, yet white bread, with 1g, is still healthy. Two slices of white provide 17% of the daily calcium needs.

White Bread

White bread is known to rapidly raise blood sugar and insulin, raising Type 2 diabetes risk. Whole grain bread is claimed to lower blood sugar, although it's not obvious.

Bread And Glucose

A 175ml glass of red wine, or 2 alcohol units, contains 1.6mg iron, slightly over 10% of the daily recommended consumption of an anaemia-protective nutrient. Polyphenols in red wine promote a healthier, more diversified gut flora population.

Red Wine

Made with potatoes and sunflower oil, oven fries are no more processed than traditional roast potatoes or mash. An average 150g baked dish contains 1.37mg of the 3-4mg vitamin E needed daily for immunity.

Oven Fries

At least 15% of the daily necessary nine vitamins and minerals are in Cheerios per small bowl. Adding 150ml milk gives almost 40% of the daily calcium requirement.


When you can't cook, make baked beans on toast for dinner without guilt. One of your five-a-day, half a can of Heinz Beanz contains 10g of protein.

Baked Beans

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