The Most Hardworking Myers-Briggs Personality Types


For others, being a worker bee just means going with the flow and obeying the rules, but INTJs aren't the kind to do so. 

They will obey rules that make logical sense, but they will violate those that do not.


While most individuals are motivated by external factors such as money, prestige, or recognition, ENTJs are motivated inside.

They wish to have control over their own life as well as the lives of others. They desire to lead, direct, and manage people and projects so that they may accomplish their objectives.


ISTJs are continually striving to better and push their own limits. They are persistent individuals that take pleasure in their job and actively strive to be the greatest version of themselves.


ESTJs constantly give their utmost in their job and pay attention to the slightest things.

They are incredibly disciplined and organized and constantly plan ahead of time. They like spending time with people and have the ability to lead them.


ISFJs emotionally immerse in and devote themselves to their profession, and they often go above and beyond what is expected of them.

They take pleasure in their job, and since they are "Defenders," they will do additional effort and stand up to aid others.

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