The 10 Best Hobbies For INFJ Personalities

1. Writing/journaling

Begin with writing to express your ideas and emotions, and then attempt different hobbies. 

2. Reading Books

Read alone to complete your TBR or create a monthly reading list. You might also join a book club that assigns titles that you like. 

3. Draw or paint

Drawing and painting are excellent hobbies for INFJs that like doing hands-on art and design. The startup fees are inexpensive, and there are numerous free courses on YouTube. 

4. Digital Design/Art

Graphic design is a hobby for certain creatives. Consider using Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud to create book covers, corporate logos, and marketing materials. 

5. Coding or programming 

In addition to online classes, SoloLearn and Grasshopper can assist you code offline. 

6. Fiberarts

Knitting and crocheting are two of the most popular and inexpensive fiber crafts. Learning to make dishcloths, hats, and scarves is easy and provides wonderful gifts. 

7. Deep Talks

Deep, profound interactions that challenge or thrill INFJs are appealing to them. 

8. Dance (alone or together)

Learn a new dance style by watching YouTube videos or taking a lesson. Make sure you have enough space to move about at home. 

9. Instrumental Music

It is free to learn at home utilizing YouTube videos and an instrument you already own. To learn more, consider paying an instructor or enrolling in an Udemy or Skillshare program. 

10. Nature Time

Nature enjoyment is completely free. Take a stroll along a calm street and look at the trees, plants, and anything else you come across. 

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