Smart Home Value Boosting Tips

With the rise in homework, Yopa estimates that a mains-powered outdoor garden room can boost a property's worth by 5%.

Built A Garden Room

Because everyone loves new appliances, your home's old heating system, washing machine, and refrigerator may turn off potential buyers.

Improve Your Appliances

Before selling your property, upgrade your heating system if it's outdated or unexpected. If so, moving the new boiler to the loft, basement, or utility room will free up space.

Move The Boiler

You may prefer showers to extended soaks, but Winkworth estate agents say many people "switch off" when they see a property without a bathtub.

Reinstall Bathtub

Your front yard fencing may be the first thing visitors see when they approach your property. If yours is looking worn, it may be time to fix it permanently.

Repair That Fence

Homebuyers are often turned off by outdated decor. Does your wallpaper peel or your bathroom tiles appear drab? You'll be shocked how new plasterboards and paint may change your home.

Bring In Decorators

Fitting a downstairs toilet into your ground floor is practical and necessary in most homes.

A Downstairs Cloakroom

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