Seven Most Loving Cat Breeds For Cuddling

Ragdolls, laid-back lap cats, originated in California in the 1960s. Ragdolls require little care and are affectionate, making them perfect pets.


Siamese cats are lively, talkative, and intellectual, making them ideal for cuddling and affection.


Maine Coons are family cats who like company. Big and friendly, these gentle giants appreciate humans and being near the activity.

Maine Coon

Scottish Folds, named for their forward-and-downward ears, are well-adjusted and bond quickly with people.

Scottish Fold

Persian cats are popular since they're quiet and submissive. Mostly lazy, these pets like to lounge on your lap or sofa with occasional bursts of energy.


Birmans are beautiful and loving with silky coats and blue eyes. This graceful companion cat is affectionate and people-oriented.


Like its Burmese and Siamese ancestors, the Tonkinese is amiable and affectionate, making it a great family companion.


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