Seven Food Blunders Most People Don't Realize

Peeling Ginger By Knife

Ginger is knobbly, so peeling it with a knife wastes a lot of tasty flesh. Scraping the skin off with a teaspoon is straightforward and waste-free. Win-win!

Cheese Storage In Plastic Wrap

Cling film should not be used to store cheese, especially fine cheese, because it needs to air. Wrap it in cheese, waxed, or greaseproof paper.

Refrigerated Steak Cooking

We all make this error, but luckily, we can avoid it. You may get undercooked steak and a gray exterior if you pan steak straight from the fridge.

Using The Wrong Knife

One of the biggest mistakes home chefs make is using the wrong knife. Serrated knives slice bread, tomatoes, strawberries, and celeriac.

Meat On The Fridge's Top Shelf

When your fridge is overflowing, you may wonder, 'what's the harm?' when placing raw meat on high shelves. But it's a bad concept. Uncooked beef juices on upper tier

Pancake Batter

Stirring pancake batter too much is a common mistake. Gluten forms when whisked vigorously, making pancakes rough and chewy.

Keeping Mayonnaise Too Long

Mayonnaise has a shorter shelf life than ketchup or barbecue sauce, which is easy to forget. Unlike non-dairy products, it can't be preserved for months.

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