On-trend Pantry Shelving Ideas To Organize Your Kitchen

1. Pantry Organization Idea for Product and Inventory Control

Adjustable shelves on the door, pull-out bins for tiny items, and see-through canisters for bagged staples like flour and sugar increase pantry storage space.

2. More Pantry Space Shelving

Bookcases may be used to make kitchen pantry ideas if you don't have one or need additional room. These two shelf units might be built-in, preassembled bookshelves with doors.

3. Dining Room Pantry Shelving Ideas

This pantry organizing design may also be used as a credenza to store dishes that look good behind the doors.

4. Maximizing Storage Space with Organizational Items

Instead of glass jars, this pantry storage concept employs stackable plastic containers to save space. Pull bigger containers forward on the top shelf for easy access.

5. Labels Can Help Organize

Square bins fit side by side without taking up room. Leave enough room between them to remove them quickly. The handles aid bin control.

6. Design a Closet Pantry

The pantry shelving ideas in this picture may be used to build a pantry in a closet, laundry room, mudroom, basement, or garage. Only temperature and humidity control problems limit use in certain places.

7. Need Simpler Pantry Organization Ideas

Try these pantry solutions if you merely need to tidy up your pantry rather than reorganize it with specific containers. Labeling helps you and your family find bulky goods in baskets.

8. Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Expanding

For a bigger pantry, you may convert a mudroom off the kitchen, enclose a space in the kitchen, or use the space beneath the second story stairwell like this pantry.

9. Think Custom Pantry Shelving

You might separate the pantry into divisions for certain things. This shelf holds the mixer well. Two pullout baskets and cookie sheet storage are included.

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