Methods To Raise A Healthy, Happy Kitten

Play With Them

Learning how to play with a cat is crucial to having a happy, healthy cat.

Support Good Nutrition

Cat food doesn't have to be expensive; many reputable manufacturers provide economical products.

Train Them

We usually recommend starting kitten training early! In the beginning, don't let your kitten's cuteness distract you from socializing, litter box training, or couch training.

Never Mistreat Your Kitten

It's crucial not to punish your kitty for mistakes. Speaking aggressively, tapping them on the nose, or squirting them with water will harm your bond with cats.

Make Gradual Introductions

Slowly introducing other pets can let everyone get along without pressure.

Prepare Them For Touch Slowly

Petting your kitten on their belly, legs, paws, and chin will teach them touch is safe. Your pet will trust you more with soft touches.

Groom Them Regularly

Start brushing your kitten with one of the best cat brushes as soon as you bring them home to standardize the procedure and prevent issues.

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