How To Win Over Picky Eaters

Look through a cookbook, culinary app, or our healthy kids' recipes and ask them for weekly meal plan ideas. Try taking them shopping and letting them choose a new fruit or vegetable.

Engage Them

There are many cunning methods to feed a serious veggie-dodger. Spaghetti & meatballs with hidden vegetables, more-veg-less-meat summer bolognese, and pasta with tomato & hidden vegetables can help them get their 5-a-day.

Sneak Veggies

Start with tiny servings of a new cuisine so it doesn't look overpowering; you can always add more. When your kids are hungry, serve them a starter of delicately sliced, colorful vegetable crudités.

Small Portions Are Less Scary

Don't expect fast results—you may need to introduce a vegetable/dish several times before your youngster is willing to try it. Be patient and remember familiarity is crucial.

Be Patient And Persistent

Lead by example—your family's eating habits affect whether your child likes a new food. Seeing parents and siblings get involved inspires younger kids to join in.

Show The Way

Enjoy some family time while eating with some soothing music. Relaxing the meal from the start can defuse challenging mealtime behavior.

Make Meals Pleasurable

Sweet sweets as a reward for eating the main meal may suggest that nutritious, savoury food is to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Avoid Pudding Bribery

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