How To Convince Your Teen To Open Up

Allowing your teenager to learn about your past helps them see you as more than just a parent.

Share Your Childhood

Make sure your teenager understands that no subject is off-limits, without making them feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Open Up

Not only will your teenager gain vital skills for when they leave home, but it will also provide an excellent opportunity for you to spend time together.

Cook Together

It is just not advisable to discipline a teenager using the same methods as a small child. Be more diplomatic about it.

Manage Discipline Differently

Your teenager will quickly discover that life is difficult and often unfair. When speaking with them, avoid sugarcoating the reality.

Don't Sugarcoat

Sometimes it is easier to express yourself in writing. Why not try journaling back and forth with your teen?


Even if your teenager's hobbies do not match your own, it is critical that you show an active and encouraging interest.

Become Interested

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