Endearing Traits Of Someone With A Warm Personality

1. Cheerful and Chipper

Warm folks seem to be joyful and upbeat. They view the glass as half full and are generally ready to brighten someone's day with a broad grin.

2. Generationally Aware

They are passionate environmental stewards who are always looking for ways to improve life for everyone, not just themselves.

3. Dependable

Genuinely friendly individuals seldom criticize their friends for being too "needy," nor do they place too much emphasis on looks. 

4. Protective and Loyal

Warmth and softness are complimentary, but not synonymous, and many individuals with pleasant dispositions are also powerful and aggressive.

5. Self-Aware

People that are really warm are self-aware and don't take themselves too seriously. They can readily laugh at themselves and recognize when they've screwed up or behaved like a jerk. 

6. Deceptive

We hate to be pessimistic, but "warmth" isn't always real, and it's one of the simplest behaviors to effectively imitate.

7. Respectful of Animals

Warm-personality Animals often have a particular affinity with humans. They do not have to "love" them, but they nearly always respect them.

8. Generous

Generosity is more than simply giving away tangible items and riches (though that is important); it is also about being generous in spirit.

9. Inclusive

Warm people don't evaluate books or people based on their covers. They are frequently more concerned with a person's kindness quotient than with any other tangible metric.

10. People-Pleasing

Individuals who are friendly but lack confidence may have a problem with people-pleasing. They risk breaching the butt-kissing boundary because they are keen to be loved.

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