Country Living Room Ideas For A Rustic Home Escape

Country living rooms incorporate heritage. Pieces should feel inherited and comfortable.

Recover Old Furniture

Designing a living room may be difficult at the best of times, but when you have a theme in mind, it can be even harder.

Deepen Your Statement

For country-style living room fireplaces, nothing beats a woodburner.Country living room designs are gentle and inviting, encouraging authentic living and traditional comforts.

Win With Woodburner

Lay out lamps to offer comfort and depth, or use an eclectic mix of shades with different finishes like pleats and patterns.

Correct Lighting

In country living room ideas, mixing fabric patterns and stacking soft furnishings instantly creates a cozy atmosphere.

Pattern Play

Alcoves and odd shapes are common in country dwellings. Instead of fighting them, use them to build custom living room storage.

Built-In Storage And Seating

Natural stone floor tiles are ideal for kitchens and living rooms with a rustic, farmhouse atmosphere.

Slate Flooring

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