Guide To Self Care For your Star Sign

Start looking in the mirror each morning and reciting positive aspirations for the planet. It empowers.

Aries: Affirmations

You can unleash any pent-up anger and receive lovely compliments for your stunning paintings.

Leo: Artistic

A private belly dance party will unleash your sensuality, creativity, and emotional flow. It should loosen and balance you.

Sagittarius: Belly dance

As a Gemini, losing yourself in the words can help you avoid drama and enhance your creativity as you enter the characters' world.

Gemini: Reading

Keeping a gratitude journal might boost positivity. Sometimes it's enough to change your outlook.

Libra: Journaling

Yoga benefits your body, mind, and spirit. It will help you stop worrying and live in the now.

Aquarius: Yoga

Cancers, bathe in Epsom salts and crystals to cleanse your aura and balance your energy. You'll be shocked how calm you feel.

Cancer: Healing Bath

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