Beautiful Places In The Globe That Will Pay You To Live There

Nine communities with fewer than 2,000 residents—Bova, Aieta, Samo, Civita, Sant’Agata del Bianco, Cuccuri, Santa Severina, Albidona, and San Donato di Ninea—are participating.

La dolce vita

Around 30 islands off Ireland's coast are shut off by the sea and have no bridges or roads. You may live on one of these islands.

Remote Irish islands, Ireland

The 'Our Living Islands' program, begun in June 2023, aims to increase the population of these remote and hard-to-reach islands, including the picturesque Arranmore (shown) off County Donegal.

Ireland's remote islands

If you're willing to move, you may buy Australian outback acreage. The tiny village of Quilpie is very secluded. Actually, it's 1,000 km west of Brisbane.

Quilpie, Queensland

Tulsa, Oklahoma, launched Tulsa Remote to recruit creatives and digital nomads. The scheme offers £8,160 ($10k) to applicants who match four criteria.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Vermont began paying money to persons who moved there to work remotely for an out-of-state employer in May 2018. New rules were added to the Remote Worker Grant Program in February 2022 to accommodate the state's aging population.

Vermont, USA

New Haven, Connecticut, is giving up to £8,160 ($10k) to help new residents buy homes and expand its population. You must be a first-time buyer to get the funds.

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

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