Amazingly Pretty Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Peonies and Polka Dots Bedroom Linens

Pink peony bedding brings spring to your bedroom year-round. Fun red and white polka dots on the duvet's bottom add to its design.

Shabby Chic Rose Curtain Tie Backs

This silk rose curtain tie back adds elegance and color to a bedroom with many white accent linens. The dusty roses' old and delicate appeal makes them a fantastic accent in a girl's room or nursery.

Rustic Upcycled Armoire Linen Cupboard

This repurposed amoire makes a classic showcase for your gorgeous linens. After painting an antique armoire bright blue, put a little white paint on it with a dry paintbrush.

Burlap and Lace Shabby Chic Bedroom Décor

Lace and burlap provide texture to a shabby chic bedroom. Alternating lace and burlap ribbons with pink glass doorknobs make a headboard. 

Antique Suitcase Night Table Project

For elegance, hang pink crystal embellishments from suitcase pulls. To add elegance, add a lace doily, a crystal light with a pink lampshade, and a modest vase with flowers to the bags.

Easy DIY Antique Birdcage Lamp

An ancient birdcage may provide subtle, romantic bedroom illumination. Consider painting the birdcage white for a traditional aesthetic or a light color to compliment your bedroom.

Shabby Chic Pink Hope Chest

This hope chest is perfect for adding shabby charm to your contemporary bedroom. The beautiful pink hue and simple elegance provide charm to your bed.

Antique Look Photo Frame Decoration

A magnificent antique frame may be transformed by painting it bright pink and white and sanding it to seem distressed. Use the frame as a basic bedroom décor or add a mirror.

Vintage Dual Use Night Table and Desk

The desk looks ancient and lovely with its damaged legs and green hue with a floral accent. To conclude, decorate the table with flowery objects.

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