9 Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Gorgeous Glow

String Lights: 

Make a comfortable, magical ambiance with string lights overhead. You can drape them between trees

Pathway Lighting: 

Solar-powered or low-voltage LED path lights illuminate walkways. These lights guide guests through your garden safely and beautifully.

Stair Lighting: 

Install recessed deck or stair lighting for safety and style. For a soft illumination, install these lights in your deck or stairs.

Candles and lanterns: 

Create a romantic, warm ambiance with lanterns, candleholders, or hurricane lamps with LED or flameless candles.


Adjustable spotlights can highlight garden features including trees, architecture, and focal areas.

Fire Pits, Fireplaces: 

Install fire pits or outdoor fireplaces. Warm, leaping flames provide illumination and a nice meeting space.

Underwater Lighting: 

Consider underwater lighting for ponds, pools, and fountains. Submersible LED lights illuminate water from below, adding charm.


This strategy enhances your landscape and highlights your plants' natural beauty.

Outdoor Chandeliers: 

Add beauty and class to your outdoor dining or lounging area with a weather-resistant chandelier.

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