8 Signs That You Are A NE Personality Type

1. I like theory

Extraverted intuitives are sometimes misidentified as daydreamers who spend their days speculating about future occurrences that may or may not materialize.

2. No Challenge Is Insurmountable

There are no impediments in the world of an extraverted intuitive. When confronted with a problem, these imaginative brains perceive only one thing: possibility.

3. Future Events Drive Me

Have you ever been so preoccupied on the future that you forgot what you were doing in the present? Those who have extraverted intuition as a main function experience this all the time.

4. Innovation is key 

NE personalities are often transformational in character, constantly seeking for new ways to alter, progress, and grow as persons.

5. I value impartiality

Few individuals can maintain an open mind and appreciate others' thoughts and beliefs, no matter how different they are from their own.

6. Group projects inspire me

Working on group projects is challenging or unpleasant for many individuals, both at work and in school.

7. I love new challenges

To keep interested, the extraverted intuitive demands frequent challenges. NE personality types are hardworking and resilient, yet their work habits may be quirky and even disorderly.

8. My Options Are Endless

Extraverted intuitives sense potential and fresh possibilities wherever they look, making it difficult for them to focus on a particular problem and objective.

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