9 Classic Christmas food

Watercolor Winter Scene

Using paints, create a peaceful winter landscape. To convey the magic of the season, add snow-covered trees, a warm lodge, or a festive wreath.

Quilled Christmas Tree

Make a 3D Christmas tree out of quilling paper for your card. Add bright ornaments and a star to the top for a one-of-a-kind and festive touch.

Embroidered Greeting

Stitch a simple holiday greeting or seasonal motifs onto cardboard to add a touch of needlework to your card. It adds a lovely and tactile touch.

Pop-Up Gingerbread House

Inside your card, make a pop-up gingerbread home. To make the gingerbread house stand out when the card is opened, cut and fold the cardstock.

Button Snowman

Glue buttons of various sizes on your card to make a snowman. Make an attractive and tactile holiday card by adding accents with markers.

Stamped and Embossed Design

Create a Christmas motif on your card with rubber stamps. For an exquisite touch, add embossing powder and heat to create a raised, glossy finish.

String Art Christmas Tree

String art can be used to make a simple Christmas tree. Nail the outline of a tree to the card and fill in the design with colorful thread.

Personalized Photo Card

On your card, include a treasured photo from a significant occasion. Add festive decorations and a personal note around the photo.