8 Beta Male Traits Decoded For Better Understanding

1. He accepts a partner as alpha. 

Betas enjoy the authority and responsibility of making all choices. Although he doesn't want to be swayed, he'll likely agree to his partner's meal choice. 

2. He's diplomatically gifted. 

Diplomacy is powerful in an age of social media defamation and trash talk. The Beta guy may make the alpha feel dominant without making the gang feel inferior. 

3. Maybe he's in the buddy zone. 

Beta dudes in purgatory may be on your buddy list. Chandler Bings can't finish deals, whether you placed him there or he discovered them. 

4. He listens well. 

We suspect more than one affair began because a beta guy listened, yet there is no scientific proof. A beta male may soothe and fulfil a woman who feels ignored and unappreciated in a relationship. 

5. He may not text or pursue. 

Alpha males are tenacious. Beta males want that confidence but lack it. 

6. He's unusually silent.

Not all beta guys are introverted or quiet, but enough are to justify a discussion. He enjoys alone time and enjoying non-obsessive hobbies. 

7. He won't fight you. 

They prioritize stability and will do whatever to keep the ship on course. When you argue, he'll apologize and weep. 

8. You misjudge his confidence. 

Alpha males love being near to the alpha without risking a loss. He's insecure about many things, and his alphas hold him to a higher standard than he deserves. 

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