7 Things Society Should Accept

Even though more pioneering women are going natural, some still critique and stigmatize it.

Women With Body Hair

Crying is a natural emotion that can bring relief. Everyone needs a moment to vent without judgment.

Men Weeping

People are increasingly free to live their ideal lives. Many women are discovering that they are not defined by their biological functions and would be happier without children.

Not Wanting Kids

If we didn't hold onto ancient concepts about shame and decency and over-sexualize women's bodies, public breastfeeding would be fine.

Public Breastfeeding

Why are we terrified of boobs? A global pandemic seemed like the only way to let women go braless!

Going Braless

Is there anything more poisonous in our culture than condemning someone for not having sex? That's insane to be embarrassed about! If everyone felt comfortable going at their own pace and waiting for the proper time and person

Being Virgin

Most people, especially women, feel pressure to avoid repeating ensembles. For some reason, wearing the same dress to two weddings or to work too often feels humiliating.

Outfit Repetition

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