7 Signs  Of Sugar Over consumption

Sugar increases the risk of skin problems, including acne. Science has frequently linked sugar consumption to this illness.


Sugar withdrawal can cause headaches, sleepiness, and discomfort. Consuming too much sugar without a balanced diet might cause energy loss. The easiest method to quit this addiction is to gradually cut back on sugar.


High sugar intake might cause your blood pressure to rise above normal.

High Blood Pressure

Sugar raises blood fat levels. This less obvious symptom of sugar consumption is important since sugar lowers 'good cholesterol' (HDL) and raises 'bad cholesterol' (LDL).

High Cholesterol

Too much sugar may make exercise harder. Sugar gives a quick energy boost but then drops, exhausting.

Post Exercise Fatigue

Sugar consumption increases depression risk in many research. High sugar intake increases inflammation, which is linked to depression.

Negative Mood

Foods high in sugar but lacking in protein are quickly metabolized. Sugary foods can leave you hungry.

Constant Hunger

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