7 Must Have Baked Potato Recipes To Liven Up The Classic

Baked potatoes are the best comfort meal. They can be eaten in countless ways besides with baked beans and cheese.

Super Spuds

Cool baked potatoes before cutting into parts. Leave some flesh as a basis, then top with vegetable bean chili and shredded cheese. Grill until cheese melts and skins crisp.

Full Potato Skins

Spiced lentils with ginger, garlic, cumin, and harissa top these roasted sweet potatoes. Simply drain and rinse a can of lentils to save time.

Moroccan Sweet Potatoes

The recipe calls for spicy lamb ragù to top roasted eggplants, but it would also work on halved baked potatoes. Melted cheese and chili and Spanish smoked paprika make the dish warm and pleasant.

Ground Lamb And Grilled Manchego

Try halving baked potatoes, forking the surface, and adding gobs of butter, sea salt, and chopped fresh rosemary for a unique side dish. Return to hot oven to crisp and brown.

Butter, Rosemary, Salt

Mash sweet potatoes with fried sausage, onions, Cheddar, and cilantro. Add one egg and return it to the oven to set before piling it back into the crisp skin.

Sweet Potatoes With Spicy Sausage

Loaded cheesy baked potatoes make brunch even better. Bake the meat, then remove. Mash cheese and butter, then spoon into skin.

Weekend Brunch Baked Potato

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