12 Icy Traits Of A Cold-Hearted Person

1. Distant and remote. 

They preserve their distance from others. It's not always because they despise people, but they find it more difficult to be friendly or engaged than others.

2. Empathy is tough for them. 

When they encounter someone in emotional distress, they are more inclined to flee the situation as soon as possible to avoid what they perceive to be a "humiliating display." 

3. They distance others. 

Cold-hearted individuals do not allow anybody to get near enough to know them, thus keeping others at arm's length is their default, and they've mastered a number of techniques to do it.

4. They seem superior. 

If you believe in your innate superiority, it is simpler to keep others at a safe distance – and vice versa.

5. They tend to be selfish. 

They are just concerned with themselves. As a result, they often look self-centered or self-absorbed.

6. They're typically unreliable.

They are not obligated to maintain secrets if they believe they would profit more from disclosing them.

7. They trust slowly. 

They are not in the habit of trusting others, even those whose reliability is certain.

8. Self-sufficient. 

They dislike asking for aid and are opposed to the concept of dependency in general. They place a high priority on independence and self-sufficiency.

9. They seldom apologize. 

They consider individuals who apologize to be "weak" or subservient, and they see control as essential to their identity and success. 

10. They like control. 

They insist on being in charge of their own life, and they will go to great lengths to free themselves from the grip of others, even those who care about them. 

11. Interrupt or overtalk. 

What you're saying isn't as essential as what they want to say, and they won't wait for you to finish.

12. They're more traitorous. 

If betraying somebody brings them closer to something they want more than that person's trust, they will not hesitate to prioritize themselves.

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