11 Virgo Celebrity Home Design Ideas

Design a useful kitchen

Alchemy is a neglected Virgo attribute. This used to imply making healing potions, but in 2023 it means cooking well. For Virgos, kitchens must be useful as well as attractive.

Be creative with your bathroom

Lance Armstrong's brand-new Squatty Potty. Due to their sensitive stomachs, Virgos are continuously looking for new digestive aids.

Be cheeky

With a self-playing grand piano, a vintage Campbell's soup outfit on a mannequin, and a 1980s tape player in the kitchen, the producer shows his wit.

Share your knowledge

Kevin Love exemplifies this by showing us his Tribeca waterfront residence and sharing a plethora of knowledge about his Rashid Johnson and Gordon Parks works.

Finding a nook

Actor Emmy Raver-Lampman created a reading corner with old hanging chairs, while basketball star Kevin Love reorganized his workplace to facilitate writing.

Take use of earthy materials

Aaron Paul lives in his rural Idaho riverside dream house far from Hollywood. Building from scratch using 100-year-old Amish barns and Montana moss stone, the palace was erected.

Control orderly chaos

Many Virgos match the neat-freak reputation, while many others seem like messes. Wiz Khalifa shows us his son's playroom at his LA pad, which is filled with toys, games, and Legos.

Quiet your inner critic

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are talented interior designers, but because Nate is a prim Virgo and Jeremiah is a free-spirited Sagittarius, things may become heated at home.

Lead elegantly

Sofia Richie, the patron saint of “stealth wealth,” have a polished elegance that contrasts with Leos' flair. Ballerina Misty Copeland's New York City residence exemplifies Virgo elegance.

Next-level company

Scorpio Troian Bellasario organized and labeled his girls' art equipment, going beyond reorganizing a drawer or closet.

Maximize space efficiency

Tyler Perry's 300-acre Atlanta studio property allows him to develop and shoot anything. But being a Virgo, the director would use the huge campus to avoid waste. 

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