11 Things To Keep Out Of Your Living Room

Too Much Furniture: 

Avoid overfurnishing your living space. Have only what you need for seats and storage to make it feel open.

Office Gear: 

Avoid putting printers, scanners, and filing cabinets in your living room unless you have a separate office.

Exercise gear unused: 

Exercise machines and equipment rarely utilized might take up space. Try storing these materials in a separate room

Kids' Toys: 

Children often play in the living room, but consider creating a playroom to arrange toys and games.

Too Many Decorations: 

Decorative pieces can personalize your living room, but too many can clutter it.

Messy laundry: 

Avoid bringing filthy laundry into the living room. Avoid clothing in common areas by placing a laundry basket 

unused electronics 

Instead of storing old VCRs and DVD players, recycle or donate them.

Supplies for pets: 

Keep food dishes, toys, and beds organized when your pets are in the living room.

Too many trinkets: 

Avoid overloading minor ornamental things to reduce clutter. Display a few meaningful objects and store the rest.

Unused Furniture: 

Avoid keeping broken or unneeded furniture. It takes up valuable space and clutters your living room.

Unwanted mail

Don't allow mail and paperwork clutter your living room. Set up a mail sorting room elsewhere in your home.

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