10 Must-Know Personality Traits of The Gamma Male

1. Can be hostile to women

One of the more negative characteristics of gamma males is their tendency to harbor resentment toward women whom they perceive to be unappreciative.

2. Intense Hobbies

One of the greatest gamma characteristics is their dedication to their passions. As with sigma males, they enjoy what they enjoy and do not apologize for it.

3. Very Romantic

 They elevate the women in their lives, which can sometimes be overpowering for the women.

4. They May Delude

Typical gammas have a tendency to be delusional as a further negative attribute.

5. They avoid conflict

Gammas avoid conflict like an infant on an airplane. Any form of discord causes them extreme discomfort, causing them to either flee or remain silent.

6. They avoid risk

They have no failures on their bingo card. They have mastered the discipline of conserving money and are responsible.

7. They Lack Assertion

Alpha males can be like bulls in "china shops." On the contrary, gammas may avoid assertive behavior.

8. They often lack fitness

This is not the case for all gamma males — after all, genetics plays a significant role in a person's physique — but the majority fell on the less fit end of the fitness spectrum.

9. Excellent Fathers

Are you seeking a man who would make an excellent father? There is no one better than a gamma male.

10. They’re Smart

Granted, they may not be excellent at everything, but they typically excel in one area, typically through dedication and perseverance.

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