10 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Do Once a Month!

Things To Check! Owning a home comes with responsibilities. Here are monthly tasks to ensure your home remains safe, efficient, and well-maintained.

1. Check HVAC Filters Inspect and replace air filters if dirty. Clean filters improve air quality and system efficiency.

2. Clean Garbage Disposal Freshen up your disposal by running it with a mix of ice cubes, coarse salt, and lemon peels.

3. Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Ensure safety by testing these devices monthly and replacing batteries as needed.

4. Inspect Fire Extinguishers Check the pressure gauge and ensure it's accessible and free from obstructions.

5. Clean Range Hood Filters Degrease and clean filters to ensure efficient operation and reduce fire risks.

6. Vacuum Refrigerator Coils Dusty coils can reduce refrigerator efficiency. Use a vacuum to clean them and save on energy bills.

7. Drain Water Heater Flush out a few gallons to remove sediment, improving efficiency and lifespan.

8. Check Exterior Drainage Ensure water flows away from your home's foundation to prevent potential damage.

9. Inspect Roof & Gutters Look for damaged shingles and clear gutters of debris to prevent water damage.

10. Lubricate Garage Door Apply lubricant to moving parts to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear.

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