10 Small Bathroom Ideas For A Functional And Stylish Space

Open Shelving: Open shelves can provide storage for towels and decorative items while keeping the space feeling open.

Frameless Shower Door: A frameless shower door creates a seamless look and enhances the perception of space.

Compact Fixtures: Choose compact fixtures designed for small bathrooms, such as narrow toilets or corner bathtubs.

High Shelving: Install high shelves near the ceiling for storing items like towels and baskets.

Recessed Lighting: Recessed lighting can brighten the space without taking up valuable headroom.

Wall Hooks: Utilize wall hooks for hanging towels and robes instead of bulky towel bars.

Glass Partition: Use a glass partition to separate the shower area, ensuring it feels open and airy.

Tile Patterns: Incorporate vertical or horizontal tile patterns to create the illusion of height or width, respectively.

Compact Vanity with Storage: Choose a vanity with drawers or shelves to keep toiletries organized.

Wall-Mounted Accessories: Opt for wall-mounted soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towel racks to free up counter space.

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