10 Signs You Are This Unique Personality Type

1. You like boisterous parties.

For a shy individual, loud music and a large crowd may seem like a nightmare. The loud environment, on the other hand, makes it simpler for you to blend into the background. 

2. You're fine with silence.

Some extroverts dislike conversation lulls. They only need the conversation to keep going, but you're not one of them. You are not bothered by a normal conversational pause. 

3. You like lengthy conversations.

You may really get into it when you find someone intriguing to chat to. The curiosity and acceptance of another person might help you overcome your shyness and enjoy social contact.

4. Reuniting with old friends excites.

 These folks already know who you are, so you don't have to worry about embarrassing fears about how to break the ice or if they like you. 

5. You fear meeting new people.

Your anxiousness makes you want to avoid the event and remain at home, but your gregarious nature despises being isolated. 

6. Ready to Listen.

You just cannot think in the moment, so you may feel relieved when someone joyfully speaks to you without demanding much reply. 

7. You dread public speaking.

To be fair, most individuals are apprehensive of public speaking. Even those who regularly address crowds have stage fear. 

8. You dislike the spotlight.

You were doing well until someone mentioned your name, and now everyone is looking at you. The focus of a group causes you to shrivel on the inside. 

9. You Care Who You Spend Time With.

To be honest, everyone has their own set of criteria for who they associate with. You may just have higher-than-average expectations about who receives your valuable time. 

10. You overthink others' opinions.

Shy people are concerned about what may happen and how others will see them. Most individuals have some of these concerns, but you worry more than you need to. 

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