10 Open Kitchen Partition Ideas For Kitchen Makeover

Low Breakfast Bar: A low breakfast bar with stools acts as a modest divider for casual dining.

Create a divider with translucent resin panels to let diffused light through.

Wall Art Divider: Use gallery walls or huge artwork to divide spaces.

Set up a stylish freestanding screen to offer seclusion and flair to the kitchen.

Use decorative molding or trim to visually differentiate the kitchen from the surrounding space.

Wall-mounted slats or wooden screens add natural texture to a separation.

A series of hanging plants divides the room and adds color and life.

Glass Partition Wall: Glass partition walls retain visual connection while separating rooms.

Kitchen Peninsula: Use a kitchen peninsula with a seating overhang to connect spaces.

Frosted Glass Partition: Add seclusion and style to your open kitchen with frosted glass panels.

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