10 Most Common Neutral Personality Traits

Neutral characteristics are neither excellent nor negative. Depending on the conditions and degree, they might be detrimental or useful. 

As you'll see in the list below, neutral characteristics may either bring you closer to someone or drive you away.

People frequently mix up personality qualities with character traits. Your character is who you are on the inside, but your personality is what people may perceive without knowing you completely.

They notice it in the way you present yourself and the acts you do. 

Examine the list of neutral personality qualities below, keeping in mind how each one could appear differently in two persons who have opposite opinions or attitudes. 

Absentminded Adventurous Agreeable Aloof

Circumspect Competitive Complex or Complicated

Freewheeling Frugal Funny or Witty Generous

The more you understand yourself and your own personality qualities, the more you will be able to build the character traits you desire to make the most of what you have. 

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