10 Historic Sites In the US To Checkout

The birthplace of the United States, it's where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.

1. Independence Hall, Philadelphia

A turning point in the Civil War, this site commemorates the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.

2. Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

The plantation home of George Washington, offering insights into the life of the first U.S. president.

3. Mount Vernon, Virginia

A mission turned fortress, it's famous for the pivotal battle during the Texas Revolution.

4. The Alamo, San Antonio

A symbol of freedom and democracy, this iconic statue was a gift from France to the U.S.

5. Statue of Liberty, New York

The home of Thomas Jefferson, it reflects his genius as an architect and thinker.

6. Monticello, Virginia

This site includes Dr. King's childhood home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he and his father preached.

7. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Atlanta

Commemorating the events of December 7, 1941, it honors the lives lost during the surprise military strike.

8. Pearl Harbor National Memorial, Hawaii

A living-history museum, it offers a dive into the daily life of a colonial city before the American Revolution.

9. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Home to ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings, it provides a window into the lives of the Native American cultures of the Southwest.

10. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

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