10 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas That'll Feel Homey

1 Begin With a Blank Canvas

This gorgeous farmhouse-rustic living room. Helped a couple with differing design tastes "one wanted a white farmhouse, the other a woodsy getaway.

2 Honor the Shiplap

It's a farmhouse staple. For a pop of metal in the wood, add a coffee table or wall sconce.

3 Look to Your Landscape

From the low-slung sofa to the wooden coffee table, this open-concept living room plays with topography and scale.

4 Get Cozy

This farmhouse-inspired seaside living room confirms it. It masterfully blends light and warmth: Natural light, lofted ceilings, and sisal carpet and fireplace make the space seem pleasant.

5 Choose Unconventional Seating

Bring the fun! This unique interior design combines unusual seats and furnishings. Two little stools painted white provide a gentle, harmonious, and individualized effect.

6 Go Antiquing

Small touches like artwork and rustic wood furnishings bring out the farmhouse atmosphere without being too obvious.

7 Create a Multipurpose Zone

Combine a living room, family room, and home office into one famhouse-inspired area if you don't have room. 

8 Try Scandinavian Accents

Go hybrid! Modern and rustic styles blend in this bright white living space. White paint, rough flooring, and futuristic designs make it edgy, yet the boho touch makes it cozy.

9 Skip Curtains

Instead of curtains, this Ontario cottage had uninterrupted views of the meadows. Nothing too precious or fussy. A charming, lived-in effect.

10 Choose Weathered Furniture

A vintage stool complements this room's Chesterfield sofa. Pro tip: Avoid pushing all your stuff towards the walls. Create space behind the furniture to make the area appear larger.

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