10 DIY Picture-Perfect Modern Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

1 Apply an Eccentric Wallpaper

Designs puts a relaxing, nature-inspired wallpaper behind the bed frame to complement the red-violet walls around the area.

2 Embrace Color and Shape

As interior designer does here, contrast brilliant white walls with a vibrant geometric wallpaper behind a low-profile bed frame. Decorative toss pillows anchor the room.

3 Paint an Ombre Effect

Rather of sticking with a single hue, use two separate paint colors to create an ombré effect.

4 Accent a Bright Hue With White

Instead of a bold accent wall, use vivid colors throughout the room. On a single wall, contrasts aqua blue walls with white wood paneling.

5 Go Moody With Matte Black

With a black accent wall, you can create a dramatic impression while also warming up the bedroom. Complementing the area with a black bed frame and dark wall art.

6 Tie the Room Together

While the purple and white wallpaper is the star of the show, Living with Lolo elevates the color palette with matching throw cushions and an area rug.

7 Draw a Circle Over the Headboard

Paint a huge circle above the bed for a more subtle bedroom accent. Although it is not a complete accent wall, the painted form creates a focal point in this room.

8 Skip the Headboard

There's no need for a headboard with such a bright wallpapered accent wall as this one. Combine a blue chevron pattern with white bedding.

9 Incorporate Earthy Tones

Green is a soothing, nature-inspired color that is ideal for the bedroom. While Green is a little too dark for the whole area, it's ideal for one wall.

10 Play With Bright Colors

Don't be afraid to use purple and pink in a girl's bedroom, beginning with patterned wallpaper.

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