10 Best Backsplash Ideas For Kitchens

1 Matching Shelf, Backsplash, and Counters

It wraps all of the walls in the space and was used on the enormous island as well. It is, without a doubt, the center point in this working room!

2 Colorful Patterned Tile

White subway tile is overused. I adore color!" Even if you don't like patterns, pick a tile that is entirely blue, green, or pink—it's an opportunity to experiment.

3 Celebrate the Materials

The natural variation in hue and imperfections in the glaze and edging imbue the room with so much depth.

4 Accent the Range

White tiles with a teal blue trim flank either side of the range to bring the color throughout the area.

5 Go Sustainable

Ceramic tiles glazed with hues generated from industrial metal waste are a great way to update your backsplash.

6 Glossy Herringbone Tile

The floor tiles, which combine both, are a bespoke mosaic design reminiscent of an old-school Paris café.

7 Plaster Paint

Rather than embracing pre-war in its aesthetic, we stripped it and went very clean and modern.

8 Single Row of Tiles

Honey-colored paint envelops the room, infusing it with warmth. The aesthetic is completed with wood worktops and a single row of merlot-toned square tiles.

9 Mirrored Surfaces

The mirrored backsplash above the countertops and under the cabinets reflects even more light.

10 Dark Matching Counters

For a cohesive look, the backsplash and counters are made of the same material, black granite from SMC Stone.

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